Hunger Games Book Club Week 1: The 5 Most Important Moments From The Reaping


Welcome to Week 1 of theFABlife’s Book Club and Tweetstakes! It’s Hunger Games time, ya’ll. This week we’re reviewing the five most important things we learned about The Reaping (Chapters 1-4). Shall we?

1. Peeta is a sensitive hunk with a heart of gold. But can he kick ass? Sure, we don’t know if he can be trusted yet, and he’s clearly got some fire in him (Snatching Haymitch’s drink in Chapter 4 was a bold move, Bread Boy.), but overall Peeta seems like a gentle soul who may not be able to handle the bloodbath that awaits. Let’s review, shall we? He risked punishment and purposefully dropped bread in the fire so that he could throw it out and give it to a starving Katniss. He gives his competitor a “reassuring squeeze” after they’re picked at The Reaping. HE CRIES. The question is, what will Katniss do about it? “I feel like I owe him something,” she says, “and I hate owing people.” (Page 32) Foreshadowing much?

2. Katniss is a survivor. She’s also that girl who doesn’t realize how hot and cool she is. Katniss Everdeen is the perfect heroine; self-reliant in her ass-kickery and genuinely selfless, sacrificing herself for her family. We love that she doesn’t even dwell on romance — she’s got squirrels to hunt, ya know? She’s just about the perfect woman in every way: she doesn’t care about how she dresses or looks, she pays her own bills, bills, bills, she’s athletic, the only time she worries about what she eats is when there’s not enough food and she’s blissfully unaware of all the dudes who wanna cuddle with her. And of course she has no idea how great she is. We’d hate her for it, except she’s so freakin’ awesome we can only worship at her muddy feet.

3. Haymitch is gonna surprise us. He’s a drunk. He’s a doofus. He’s a total ass. But Haymitch also gives off a vibe that he totally knows what he’s doing. “You’ll be put in the hands of your stylists. You’re not going to like what they do to you. Bot no matter what it is, don’t resist.” (Page 58) We want to trust him…which probably means we’d last 2 minutes in the Hunger Games.

4. The mockingjay means something, guys. “…the birds were abandoned to die off in the wild. Only they didn’t die off.” (Page 43) OIC what you did there Suzanne Collins! That lil mockingjay pin packs a whole lotta symbolism. District 12 is like one big mockingjay flock. That little story gives us hope about how Katniss will fare in the Games.

5. The Capitol — Where douche-bags go to rule (and die, we hope). Let’s get this straight: You pit a group of teenagers against each other in a battle ’til the death so they don’t forget who’s boss? You place piles of food around people who were starving just days before? You dress like futuristic Snookis? Oh you’re asking for it, idiots. If Katniss doesn’t kill you, I will. Somehow. Will a book traveling machine that I will make…right after I eat this pile of food. Hey! Jerks.

What We Were Left Wondering

  • What was Gale about to tell Katniss before the Peacekeepers tear them apart? “Katniss, remember I —” (Page 48) Are we mushy dorks to hope it’s “—that I love you?” Do they feel that way about each other or is their relationship deeper than that?
  • What has Peeta done — if anything — to survive in District 12? We know he’s wealthier than the families who live in the Seam… has he ever had to really fight to live?
  • In our society, who/what do you see as the Capitol? As spectators and devourers of popular culture, could—gulp—we be the Captiol?
  • Both Katniss and Peeta have moms with issues (and in turn, have mommy issues). Not really a question, more of an “Ugh. Dysfunctional moms suck” statement.

We want to know your thoughts on this week’s Book Club installment! Hit us up on Twitter at @thefablife using the hashtag #Vh1reads (and chat with me: @katespencer). Everyone who follows @thefablife and tweets using our hashtag will be entered in our tweetstakes! May the odds be ever in your favor.

Next week’s Book Club Assignment: Chapters 5-8 — Training!


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