Kim Kardashian Pregnant, Or OK! Magazine Full Of It?


“I’m Having A Baby!” declares Kim Kardashian on OK!’s latest cover. When we saw this we were all, “OMG yay! Keeping Up With The Kardashi-spawns can now be a real show!” But then we read the accompanying article and said to our computer, “Hold the eff up, gurl.” The cover may be all about a baby, but the story is just some random engagement details strung together to vaguely appear as if it’s about a baby. “I walked in and… stroked my hair, flashing the ring,” Kim tells the tabloid. Okay, cool, but what about your baby announcement, Kim?! “After three minutes of arguing, everyone finally started jumping,” she says. Jumping about the ring. Not the phantom baby.

But don’t worry, there are more quotes! From friends! “Kim always thought she’d have at least one or two kids by now, so she’s absolutely in a hurry,” says OK!’s source. “And Kris loves kids and doesn’t see any reason to wait. Her friends are even taking bets on whether it will be a boy or a girl.” Well that’s nice, but once again: YOU NEVER ACTUALLY SAY SHE’S PREGNANT, OK! MAGAZINE. But you are quite talented at misleading readers with your selective word choice. Congratulations?

[Photo: OK! Magazine]


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