Rob Pattinson In Red Pants Is The Sexiest Thing We’ve Ever Seen


You know, we look at a lot of photos of Rob Pattinson for work (and, let’s be honest, for pleasure). And sometimes it begins to feel redundant – even with him being the hottest creature created by two humans on this fragile planet. But then he goes and wears red pants and a white v-neck t-shirt and walks around with that slicked back Eric Packer hair that has totally grown on us and it’s like an electrical surge running through our body and suddenly WE ARE ALIVE AGAIN! Is Bodyguard Dean’s code name for Rob Mr. Perfection von Perfectstein? Because it should be. Just a suggestion.

Rob, if you’re reading this (Of course you are. *waves*), for the love of god, wear this exact outfit to the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night. Keep the hair. Hold a coffee in your hand with those long piano-loving fingers. Don’t change a thing.

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[Photo: Splash News Online]

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