Taylor Lautner’s Publicist Allegedly Drops Him Over Difficult Dad


See, we knew there was a reason we told our dad to wait in the station wagon when we were teenagers (well, besides the fact that he invariably humiliated us in front of our friends). Allegedly Taylor Lautner’s publicist recently dropped the Eclipse star due to the constantly meddling of his father, Daniel Lautner. The Hollywood Reporter claims that Slate PR’s Robin Baum resigned from Taylor’s account after having him as client for only three months, allegedly because the Abduction actor’s father “isn’t the easiest guy to work with.” Oh, so not because he was wearing black socks with Tevas and laughs out loud while reading Marmaduke? But we bet he does that too, right?

We’d have to imagine Papa Lautner’s interference must have been pretty bad, considering that Taylor is already looking at a full movie schedule until 2013, with both Breaking Dawn films and the upcoming Incareron on the way. Plus, in addition to Lautner and Daniel Craig, Baum also represents Tom Cruise, who we imagine has his own meddling to deal with. Well, Taylor, it’s like that poet Will Smith once said: sometimes parents just don’t understand…how to not mess up your multi-million dollar movie career.

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