Hey, Aubrey O’Day’s Tiny Genitals!


According to Wikipedia, Aubrey O’Day is an “American singer, actress, fashion designer, television personality, and former member of the girl group Danity Kane.”

Let’s break this down: Aubrey O’Day sang in a girl group recruited by Diddy for a television show before she had her own reality show, Who The F Is Aubrey O’Huh? All About Aubrey, and now she “designs clothing” in the same way that any dummy with a do-it-yourself origami book is now allegedly a “fashion designer.” (She is also a genius who had the bar codes from Danity Kane records tattooed onto her neck.)

Continuing in the parade of lunacy that is whatever is going on here, she was photographed at a shoot in Malibu looking like Pocahontas, if Pocahontas were a drag queen named Poke-A-Mans-Tush with superior tucking skills. In fact, this gay dude wants to know: are all V-cards that tiny?

[via Splash News Online]

— Eliot Glazer

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