Bradley Cooper Speaks Fluent French. Le Sigh!


Yesterday we swooned over Bradley Cooper‘s 20 Sexiest Looks, today we are dy-ing (Nous sommes morts, right?) over the man parlez-vous-ing in perfect French. It’s as if he sat in that big comfy leather chair in his old Vermont farmhouse (work with us here), and asked himself, while gently stroking both the cashmere scarf around neck and the three-legged rescue dog at his side: “What can I do to appear sexy, sensitive, intelligent and charming all at once? Aha! I’ve got it. I will learn to speak French fluently and then casually drop my skills on a French TV show. My plan is hatched! Now, off to pick fresh herbs from my garden and make pasta from scratch.”

Does it matter what he’s talking about? Probably Hangover 2, but we don’t care. Just close your eyes, sit back and enjoy.

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