How Does Donald Trump Eat Pizza?


What does Donald Trump do now? You mean besides forcing Star Jones to, like, sell balloon animals for charity? I dunno. But one thing he certainly doesn’t do is carry around silverware, a question that was prompted (according to Donald Trump) after he was photographed eating a slice of pizza with a fork and knife, which is essentially blasphemous to not just a New Yorker, but especially one who hails from Queens. (Just ask Jon Stewart.)

Of course, Trump was eating pizza with Sarah Palin, so maybe her Mama Grizzliness thing was so strong, it forced him to chew his food like a baby (because, again, eating pizza with a fork and knife in New York is meant exclusively for babies).

Anyway, Donald Trump wants attention.  HE IS TALKING:

[via Gawker]

– Eliot Glazer

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