Hailee Steinfeld Rumored For Carrie Remake


Plug it up! Plug it up! Oh sorry, just getting jazzed up in case this Hailee Steinfeld Carrie rumor turns out to be true. While Stephen King has mentioned Lindsay Lohan as Carrie, CinemaBlend reports that Hailee is currently a top candidate in a role originated by Sissy Spacek in 1976, a role that happens to have snagged Spacek first Oscar nomination. Given that Steinfeld had to tangle with rattlesnakes, outlaws and nearly visible stench lines radiating off of Jeff Bridges in True Grit, what’s a little hog’s blood  if it means other chance at sweet, sweet Oscar? At 14, Hailee is a little young to portray the doomed prom queen, but considering Steinfeld shoots Romeo and Juliet remake first, she’ll be around the right age to accurately convey the complete horrorscape that is most people’s high school experience. That super-awkward shower scene alone deserves a Lifetime Achievement award.

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