The Sisters Simpson Turn Tweeny Fashion Co-Designers


Big sis is already some sort of a fashion mogul, so it’s natural that the younger sibling would jump on board. Jessica and Ashlee Simpson are co-designing a fashion line of tween clothing which will be part of the Jessica Simpson Collection. Run, young ‘uns, RUN AWAY! We kid. Kinda. Between Jessica’s really whack wardrobe and Ashlee’s hipper-than-thou style we’re imagining a group of 9-14 year olds walking around with bleach blond hair, raccoon eyes and clothes that jut out at really weird angles and are two sizes too small. But, we’re sure (read: hoping) that’s not going to happen. Right? Someone reassure us quickly, please?

Jess is pretty confident that that they’re going to create some groundbreaking tween couture, though. She said, “Creating a tween apparel collection was a natural extension for the brand. I’m excited to bring my sister, Ashlee, along as co-creative director of this division, because she brings a savvy rocker edge that defines today’s tweens.” The collection will launch this fall and Ashlee’s on a mission to rock the pre-teen world as well saying, “My goal as co-creative director will be to design clothes that will help inspire young girls to express their personalities and creativity through fashion.” Moms, you have been warned.

[Photo: Getty Images]


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