Goose Loves Showin’ Off His Quackenstocks!



Cuteoverload brings these photos to our attention, and dear sweet God, someone put some socks on this goose, put those Tevas back on, and get this guy to Times Square immediately:

These nice folks were staying with us at the St. Francis Inn in St. Augustine, FL. They let me photograph their pet goose, who goes by the name of “Gator.” While walking alongside his owners in urban or suburban areas, Gator often has to cross many blocks of asphalt and concrete. All that rough terrain takes a toll on his feet, so his people commissioned a special pair of Teva sandals for their bird. (Emphasis ours.) They say it’s totally worth the expense, and Gator seems to like the shoes just fine… though sometimes it looks like he “marches” more than he walks. Very deliberate steps.

If they were to ever remake Back To The Future and call it Quack To The Future, you are looking at your new Marty McFLY (nailedit):

Seriously animals in shoes = meaning of life.

(via CuteOverload)

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