Lifetime To Celebrate “Contemporary Women” With A Nude Heidi Klum


Could anything suggest how women have advanced over the years more than a naked Victoria’s Secret model? Not according to Nancy Dubuc, president of the Lifetime. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the network’s new honcho announced that Project Runway‘s ninth season would be promoted by a nude image of host Heidi Klum, which would be ironic even if Dubuc wasn’t using the campaign as an example of how Lifetime will reach out to modern women, who apparently see the network as old and stodgy—and would prefer their fellow ladies to be hot and nude.

Dubuc, speaking at Real Screen’s Factual Entertainment Forum yesterday, reportedly told the audience that she was moving Lifetime away from “women in peril” programming to focus on “brazen, strong, confident and sexy” examples of the “contemporary women.” And if such women happen to flesh-baring supermodels? Well, then everybody’s happy! “It’s Heidi F—in’ Klum,” said the network head. Maybe next season they can hawk the fashion design show with photos of Heidi Klum f—in’!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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