Report: “Uncle Charlie” May Leave Two And A Half Men For Paris


If you were among the proud who watched the few post-meltdown episodes of Two And A Half Men last season, you may remember that Charlie Sheen’s last scene involved him leaving for a plane to Paris. According to TMZ, while the producers didn’t plan to make his trip a key plot point, they’re happy to use it now that Sheen has been fired from the show and replaced by Ashton Kutcher. Apparently they didn’t cotton to Sheen’s “suicide” suggestion.

Dismissing any hope that Uncle Charlie’s flight would suffer a violent tragedy—sure Valerie Hogan and Maude Flanders were killed off on The Hogan Family and The Simpsons respectively,┬ábut the shows didn’t blow up entire planes to do it—show sources told TMZ that Charlie may simply decide to live in Paris with Melanie Lynskey‘s Rose, leaving the other Harper boys with a vacancy in their apartment perfect for a wacky young man like Ashton. Gee, you’d almost think they planned this—except the real Uncle Charlie might be outside the studio with a bullhorn and a machete when they start filming.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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