The Dark Knight Rises Viral Teasers Could Not Be Creepier


We’re a long, long way from the days of “Holy Meatballs, Batman!” and “Art Carney as The Archer.” A series of bizarre, intense videos have been posted on Youtube under an account named TheFireRises, which happens to be the name of the Twitter account that released the photo of Thomas Hardy as Bane, the main villain in 2012’s Bat-sequel The Dark Knight Rises. The clip above is the most coherent, with grainy footage of Anthony Michael Hall (who played newscaster Mike Engel in The Dark Knight) reporting a breakout at Arkham Asylum. A link to a similarly titled Facebook page is seen briefly, suggesting that might be a good place to learn about the next creepy-ass teaser for the film, which isn’t due until July 2012.

Check out two more clips after the jump, if you’re in the mood for fuzzy, nightmarish images matched with ominous chanting.

Hmm…this one reminds us of The Ring, Guantanamo, and even Nuremberg…obviously this film is for the kids! We really appreciate the commenter who suggested the chant is “This is butter! Butter! This is butter! Butter!”…but we’re still scared.

More chaos and chanting. While there’s no confirmation that these clips are connected to the film’s production, people are going to be very, very disappointed if they don’t get even more of this kind of madness when The Dark Knight Rises finally comes out next summer.

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