Hunger Games Book Club Week 2: The 5 Most Important Moments From Training


Welcome to Week 2 of theFABlife’s Book Club and Tweetstakes! It’s Hunger Games time, ya’ll. This week we’re reviewing the five most important things we learned about Katniss and Peeta’s Training (Chapters 5-8). Shall we?

1. We’re about to compare Katniss to Kristen Stewart. You’ve been warned. But seriously: what really struck us in these four chapters is Katniss’ development as a reluctant star. Everything from the prep team’s grooming and changing of her appearance, to Haymitch directing her and Peeta’s interactions, to the flashy outfits and adoring crowds to her inability to be anything but herself…you see what we’re saying. It’s a wonderful commentary on celebrity, and a reminder that not everyone asks for it, certainly not Katniss. But what will she do with it now that it’s hers?

2. Katniss and Peeta’s real and fake friendship: It’s Complicated. Sure, Haymitch is forcing them to spend time together and their conversation is strained and forced, but they’re also genuinely supporting each other. “We both know he covered for me. So here I am in his debt again,” says Katniss (Page 79), after Peeta saves her from revealing how she knew the Avox girl. And yet then he goes and asks to be coached for the Games separately of Katniss, but only after he says things like, “She has no idea. The effect she can have.” (Page 91) Emotions! Hormones! Eep!

3. Haymitch and Effie aren’t totally terrible (we hope). We love the moment Katniss tells her coaches about shooting an arrow at the Gamemaker’s during her private session. Not only does Haymitch laugh, but Effie defends her— as much as Effie can defend a District 12 Tribute. “Well it serves them right. It’s their job to pay attention to you. And just because you come from District Twelve is no reason to ignore you.” (Page 107) Once again, FORESHADOWING.

4. Cinna might be the most beloved figure in The Hunger Games. And with good reason. He’s a gentle soul who sees Katniss for who she is and encourages her transformation into who she is destined to become. So much of these chapters focus on the idea of trust and how it’s virtually impossible for Katniss to find. And yet here it is from the most unlikely source. Not to mention — he makes our girl look hawt, which is a huge plus. What are your thoughts on Lenny Kravitz being tapped to play this role?

5. Katniss’ friendship with Gale only highlights the need for partnership in the Games. It seems like the entire world is Team Peeta, but is it wrong that part of us plays for Team Gale? We know he becomes more controversial down the line, but for now he’s nothing but a supportive, handsome hunter who has Katniss’ back. “I call him my friend, but in the last year it’s seemed too casual a word for what Gale is to me.” (Page 112) Her longing for a partner in crime only emphasizes the need for Katniss to team up with Peeta, right?

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