Matthew Morrison Changes Mind, Decides He’s A Good Boyfriend After All


While we don’t know how you could forget Matthew Morrison’s abs, it’s possible you don’t remember the Glee star’s GQ interview that accompanied the photos of his six-pack late last year, where he warned the ladies not to expect much commitment from him at the moment. “I’m not a good friend right now,” he admitted. “I’m not a good boyfriend. It’s not that I’m selfish. I’m just focused.” Apparently he’s had a change of heart, as he’s telling Radio Times that in fact he is a good boyfriend—so holla if you hear him, boo!

“People can think what they like. I know I’m a very good boyfriend,” he told the UK mag. “I take it very seriously. I am comfortable in my own skin.” Don’t expect him the spend a lot of cash on y0u, though. “I still live like a starving actor, to be honest. I’m very frugal with money because I’m scared of losing my job, so I still have starving-actor mentality. I’m very tight with money and real estate is the only thing I’ve put my money into.” He puts a lot of work into his body too, ladies. So who wants to taste Olivia Munn?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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