Salt Sequel Being Written For Angelina Jolie’s Approval


According to Boxofficemojo, only eight “action heroine” movies have crossed the $100 million line at the box office—seven if you acknowledge more people saw Terminator 2: Judgement Day for Arnold Schwarzenegger than Linda Hamilton. But replace that classic with the missing blockbuster Wanted—which more people saw for Angelina Jolie than James McAvoy—and that means half of the eight female-led nine-figure actionfests starred Jolie. Unsurprisingly, another might be on its way. According to Deadline, Kurt Wimmer has begun work on a sequel to Salt, the 2010 film that featured Jolie as basically the female Jason Bourne.

Jolie has said she’s interested in returning to the character, though only Wimmer is officially signed to the project. The choice to bring back Wimmer is a little ironic, considering there are three different cuts of the film found on the DVD—one reason director Philip Noyce definitely will not be returning to the potential franchise. But it’s possible the second film would be comparably streamlined, able to focus on kick-ass set piece instead of the complicated backstory that burdened the original. And if Angelina’s Cleopatra is even half the headache every other Cleo film has been, she might enjoy tumbling over some car hoods with a gun.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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