Finally, Danny DeVito Weighs In On The Anthony Weiner Scandal


I’m not a big Twitter guy. I use it, but it’s not really something I’m “into,” per se. Except, of course, for the times I want to check in and see how Danny DeVito‘s foot is doing. Because, you see, Danny DeVito uses Twitter mostly to broadcast pictures of his “troll foot” (seriously, #trollfoot) to the public.

When Danny caught wind of Anthony Weiner‘s dick pic scandal (sorry, no puns here — that’s Michelle’s job), he did what Danny knows best: gave it the ol’ Troll Foot treatment. Although something is up, considering those legs are very smooth and ladylike.  Either Rhea Perlman lives on the StairMaster or Danny DeVito prefers his gams silky smooth.

Check out Danny’s Penis Tweet after the jump!

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