Katy Perry Kicks It Middle School-Style As “Kathy Beth Terry”


Is that our vest? Our actual vest from the sixth grade? Man that was a sweet piece of light denim…in 1996. To get us ready for Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” video to drop on June 14, 13-year-old Kathy Beth Terry has taken to YouTube to lament how “prejudice people” have prevented her from getting any Facebook friends…which, by the way, is the worst way to make friends. Come on, Kathy. Has The Babysitter’s Club series taught you nothing at all?

The Kathy Beth Terry Twitter is similarly heartbreaking. “I’ve got a Pizza LUNCHABLES! mmmm! I have my orthodontist appointment today so I can’t have any GUSHERS. #bracesareANNOYING,” she tweets. And now we’re suddenly having Apocalypse Now-type flashbacks to the cafeteria line. As for her Facebook, girl is not going to win any friends writing, “I ♥ JTT, Devon Sawa and Andrew Keegan! Sometimes I explore myself when I think of JTT.” Maybe no one wants to hang out with you because no one on the planet remembers who Andrew Keegan is, and that includes Andrew Keegan. As for the JTT thing, well, we think our eighth-grade selves would back you up on that.

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