Nicholas Cage’s Son Taken To Hospital For Mental Evaluation After A Fight


Nicolas Cages‘s son, Weston Cage,  just got married less than two months ago. Shouldn’t every thing be stress-free and honeymoon like right now? Apparently not, because TMZ is reporting that an angry Weston was taken to hospital yesterday for a mental evaluation! He completely flew off the handle because his trainer told him not eat a particular item at The Farmer’s Kitchen in Hollywood yesterday. We don’t know how the conversation went or whether there was some sort of nasty history between the two, because Weston got hopping mad and started pushing his personal trainer around. He went ballistic and some more people, including the trainer, tried to hold him down, but no one could stop him from raging.

Consequently, the police were called and warned him of a possible tasing if he didn’t stop. That worked! They then handcuffed him and then strapped him onto a gurney because he was that belligerent. So now, he’s at the hospital getting evaluated is allegedly in a 5150 psychiatric hold. Sources are saying that he had a massive argument with his wife, Nikki, that morning. That’s a possible reason, but they’re still going to test him to see it its more than that. Drugs or alcohol, perhaps? Whatever it is, we hope it’s not serious and can be treated.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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