Rumors We Love: Scarlett Johansson Is Starting To Annoy Sean Penn


Maybe it’s time for Scarlett Johansson to settle down with a nice agent. Though her relationship with Sean Penn, coming months after her divorce from Ryan Reynolds, has reportedly already come to an end, Us reports that she isn’t quite ready to lose another emotionally distant leading man. According to the mag, ScarJo was up in Penn’s business throughout last week’s Guy’s Choice Awards. “She pushed herself into his conversations,” said their source. “She sat down between him and Robert De Niro. Robert was like ‘What?’ and made a face.” Hey Scar, you probably haven’t even seen We’re No Angels, let alone starred in it! Let them reminisce!

As for that photo of Scarlett and Sean taken at the event, that was also apparently her idea. “A photographer asked for a shot,” said the snoop. “Before Sean could say no, she said yes.” Considering the fact that they never posed when they were an item, we’re kind of inclined to believe this one. Twentysomething recent divorcee clinging to 50-year-old recent divorcee who famously cheated on his long-suffering wife? Is it really that hard for ScarJo to find someone who wants to be seen with her?

[Photos: Getty Images]

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