Selena Says Justin “Passed The Test” When It Came To Her Mom


Obviously your mom is going to have high standards for anyone you date. So, if you have to date a charming, seemingly stable teenage millionaire to meet those specifications, just get over yourself and do it already. Luckily, Selena Gomez’s Leno interview last night (filmed right before Selena’s hospital visit last night) confirms that her parental unit is in full support of current boyfriend Justin Bieber. “He passed the test,” Gomez said demurely when asked what her mother thought of Justin. Considering all the smooching going on in recent Selena and Justin photos, that was probably a relief for her daughter to hear. You know who Mama Gomez probably wouldn’t pass? Selena’s fellow guest Jim Carrey, who’s question about her Teen Vogue cover shoot (“Do they make you vomit?”) was met with an emphatic No! You, sir, are no Biebs.

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