Hunger Games Book Club Week 3: The 5 Most Important Moments From The Start Of The Games


Well, it’s “holy sh*t!” time here at Book Club headquarters. This week we are covering the end of training and the start of the actual Hunger Games, and boy, does a lot go down in these three chapters. Below we’ve got the Five Most Important Things From The Start of the Games. Let’s recap it up.

1. Cinna, The Instiller of Confidence. We really love the development of Katniss and Cinna’s friendship in these chapters. The idea that strength and inspiration can come from unlikely sources is always a nice reminder. After all, we (you know, us and Katniss) initially thought that Cinna was going to change her appearance into something that defies who she is. Instead he’s helped let her spirit become visible to the outside world. “Remember they love you,” he tells Katniss before her interview with Caesar Flickerman on Page 123. “Just be yourself.” Such great advice, especially coming from the guy responsible for transforming her physically. As we’re re-reading the book, we’ve especially loved imagining Lenny Kravitz in this role. We weren’t sold when the news hit, but Cinna is so soft, gentle and understated. For some reason he now just completely fits.

2. Let the Games Romance Begin! Peeta’s public declaration of love — coming after he refuses to train with Katniss — slays us on so many levels. Being the cheesy romantics that we are, we love the move. “I’ve had a crush on her ever since I can remember. But I’m pretty sure she didn’t know I was alive until the reaping.” (Page 130) Oh Peeta, you sweet, insecure bread-maker. While we are totally wooed by this move, it does peeve us that he’s put Katniss in the crappy position of having to deal with dude attention when she’s about to be fending off 24 assassins in a giant cage. A typical dude move!

3. “It’s all a big show. It’s all how you’re perceived.” (Page 135) And here’s our follow up to #2: Haymitch is right. This is a game and in this game, perception is everything. But ugh, how unfair is that? And surely this is the first of MANY times perception is going to influence how Katniss and Peeta behave in the Games, right?

4. “Run, find water. The rest will follow.” (Page 146) This is just great life advice for all of us. Also good advice: “Stupid people are dangerous.” (Page 159)

5. All is fair in love and war — including declaring your love for someone on live TV and then joining an alliance whose objective it is to kill said someone. Katniss is shocked to discover Peeta is a member of the Career Tributes’ Alliance, but frankly, we think it’s a smart move on his part. He’s not the strongest player physically, so why not surround yourself with some beefed up killing machines? Not to mention, he’s shown that he is playing both sides — for whatever reason — of the game. She felt betrayed when he ditched their training together, so why should she be shocked by this move? Also, could their be an ulterior motive behind it? At every step of the way Peeta’s shown that he’s smarter than we give him credit for. Consider this example #291907101.

Question time!

  • Was Peeta a total a-hole for declaring his Katniss crush on national TV or is he just a master at playing the game?
  • Was Katniss’ reaction to it fair? Should she have seen it coming?
  • How would you handle being set lose in the Arena?

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