Chris Brown And Busta Show Their ‘Polka’ Faces (Also, Chris Brown Is Terrible, Right?)


Bad news: Chris Brown is a terrible person. He’s proven himself to be an unapologetic, violent misogynist. And that is very, very gross. But even worse news is that his music continues to be pretty great, if you ask us. His latest album, F.A.M.E., is an excellent marriage of pop, hip hop, and electro that successfully manages to capitalize on a slew of different sonic fads, including the best Timbaland song in years (“Paper, Scissors, Rock”) and an excellent sample of Michael Jackson‘s “Human Nature” (or S.W.V.‘s “Love Will Be Right Here,” depending on how old you are) in “She Ain’t You.”

Nevertheless, it’s challenging to balance being a fan of an artist with the knowledge that he is an awful human undeserved of fame, money, and the nervy opportunity to name an album with an acronym for “Forgiving All My Enemies.” Who, in fact, are Chris Brown’s enemies? People who don’t think domestic abuse is awesome???

Anyway, a video of Chris Brown performing “Look At Me Now” with Busta Rhymes has surfaced, in which the background music is altered from early 2000’s, Neptunes-style minimalism to a polka soundtrack that would make Weird Al pop a B. It makes you forget, if only for a couple of minutes, that Chris Brown is very bad person.

[via Popdust]

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