Joe Jackson Sued Over His Michael Jackson-Themed Perfumes


While we were certainly impressed by how Joe Jackson made sure to use only his last name on his Michael Jackson-themed fragrance line, Bravado, the company with the rights to sell MJ’s trademark, wasn’t. Last week’s launch of “Parfum De Neverland” ground to a halt after Bravado filed suit against the superstar’s father, who coincidentally decided he wanted no contact with Julian Rouas, the sniffster behind the project. “I don’t like the way he does things,” explained Joe, shattering the last window of his glass house.

As far as the lawsuit against him, Joe’s unimpressed. “They can say whatever they want,” he told the AFP. “I am the father, he was my son and I can decide what to do on his behalf and in his honor. There are many interests around the legacy of my son, companies that want everything, but I have a foundation that allows me to launch projects with his name, the name of my son.” There’s no word when and if the stink will be released, and considering how many lawsuits Joe Jackson has floating around, we wouldn’t hold our breath.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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