Samuel L. Jackson Reads “Go The F**k To Sleep” – Go F**ing Download It


Name ONE celebrity you’d pick to read the children’s book (of sorts) Go The F**k To Sleep, the expletive-filled, no-nonsense homage to the frustrated bedside parent? If you said Samuel L. Jackson (the L. is for “Monkey Fightin'”), then you’re correct! just released an audiobook version of Adam Mansbach’s Go The F**k To Sleep, read by Samuel L. Jackson, and you can download it for free. Just click those pink letters or picture at the top of this post.

Between this book, the universal appeal of Cee-Lo’s “F*ck You”, and a Twitter account with “Sh*t” in the title getting a show on CBS, can we finally just accept that most humans aren’t bothered by swearing? No you say? And we still can’t do it on network tv but we can have CSI episodes where a guy decapitates a bowler and rolls his severed head down the ball return, as long as no one says “oh sh*t, look at that head”? I’m going the f**k to sleep.

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