Charlie Sheen Loses Bid For Public Trial In Warner Bros. Lawsuit


Looks like The People won’t have the chance to shower Charlie Sheen with the millions he (feels he) rightly deserves. A judge has denied Sheen the public trial he was angling for in his $100 million lawsuit against Warner Bros. after they threw him off Two And A Half Men. Instead, Sheen’s lawyers will have to engage in arbitration as his contract initially stipulated. You don’t have to be a bipolar multi-millionaire sitcom star going through withdrawal to shout “BORING!” between nervous tics at that news.

This loss for Mr. #Winning could be a bad sign for his case, leading the star to take quick settlement for far less than he’s currently asking (though he’d still make more than most of us would in a lifetime). With a new sitcom for Sheen being discussed, it might be in everyone’s best interest to get this whole matter settled anyway. We can’t imagine CBS still wants this story in the headlines when Ashton Kutcher’s debut on the show comes this fall, and Charlie probably just wants a paycheck now.

[Photo: WireImage]

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