Russel Crowe In Talks To Play Superman’s Dad In Man Of Steel


When we picture the alien inhabitants of Krypton (which we do almost constantly), they’re usually very icy and angular and coldly scientific, which is why we infinitely prefer the idea of a bearded, rage-filled Aussie packing little Kal-El’s diaper bag instead. Director Zack Snyder is reportedly hoping to wrangle Russell Crowe as Superman’s father Jor-El for his upcoming reboot Man Of Steel. Crowe would play proud papa to Henry Cavill as Superman, as his son saves the world multiple times and romances Amy Adams’s Lois Lane. Of course Crowe will likely only be appearing in flashbacks due to his planet blowing up and everything, but hey, there’s always some new form of extraterrestrial technology that will have him pop up in a holograph. We’d be willing to bet on it.

Rounding out the cast, Clark’s adopted earth parents Jonathan and Martha Kent will be played by Kevin Costner and Diane Lane, respectively. The Robin Hood star is just the latest star to be added following the rumored casting of Revolutionary Road‘s Michael Shannon as General Zod, who, on the flip side, looks exactly like we’d imagine a Superman villain to look. It’s almost spooky.

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