The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Digs Into Gaga’s Meat Dress


Maybe you’d though that particular flesh ensemble would have ended up in a landfill by now; after all, it’s been nearly a year since the 2010 VMAs. Fortunately for historical memory, the scientific community has jerky technology beyond your wildest imagination. Entertainment Weekly reported that Lady Gaga’s meat dress will be displayed at the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame as part of the Women Who Rock exhibit, where hungry Clevelanders will be leaving hand prints on the glass starting June 16.

Gaga’s wardrobe has moved on to more nipple-oriented fare more recently, but we’ve snapped into a Slim Jim. We know the aliens are going to find this dress 10,000 years from now and assume we all wore raw meat gowns. Maybe that’s Gaga’s ever-lasting legacy to the world: that the future will think the entire human race was this fabulous.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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