James Franco Delivers His Invisible Artwork To The Masses


It looks like we’ve finally reached the point where even James Franco is starting to make fun of James Franco. Think about it: if you were writing, say, an SNL parody of the 127 Hours actor, what might you have him do? If you said, “Exchange nonexistent pieces of art for actual human money,” you might actually be Franco himself. As part of the Musuem of Non-Visible Art (already a bad sign), James will send you works “composed entirely of ideas” to raise money for his project with art team Praxis, which they claim “redefines the concept of what is real.” So, just to reiterate: there is no actual physical art involved, just Franco’s massive cojones.

A few of piece of art currently available include a nonexistent “full-scale steamboat” sculpture, a gigantic room filled with Jell-o and the “visualization of perfect peace.” In case you’re wondering if anyone would actually go in for Franco’s monkeyshines, the project has already managed to earn $11,431 through the group’s Kickstarter page, donations from supporters who apparently have no concept of the value of Earth money. We mean, at least James Franco’s album is going to have music on it. Unless….FRANCOOOOOOOOOOO!

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