Jennifer Lopez And Victoria Beckham Are Movie Buddies


Jenny from the Block has some famous friends keeping her company. Although their idea of “the block” and ours aren’t exactly on the same scale, if you know what we mean. But celebrities, they’re normal people too. They like to watch movies and hang out. Case in point — Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham are going to watch The Hangover Part II together. They probably have movie theatre in their homes, but they’ll still go out and grace the public with their presences.

Jennifer’s currently in France doing talk show rounds, as seen in the photograph on the left. We love the whole ‘Jenny from the 70’s’ look she’s pulling off with that Farrah Fawcett flick and the white coat-dress. She appeared on the Alan Carr: Chatty Man! show and revealed that Posh and her, “saw Hangover together so now it is a tradition. So when I get back to LA we will go see [The Hangover Part II]!” They have a plan to move around without getting recognized too, those minxes. Jen said they, “go dressed down in sweats and sneakers. We sneak in through the kitchens.” And pop goes our little bubble. The thought of Jennifer or Victoria in anything other than stilettos and couture? No … we can’t accept that.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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