Keanu Reeves Wants To Go “Deep Into Haiku” In Next Book


All together now: I know haiku. Keanu Reeves kicked off a new career as an author earlier this year with Ode To Happiness, a “grown-up picture book” revolving around tongue-in-cheek poem about his depression. And he’s already got an idea for book number two. “I’m considering another idea I call Haikus of Hope. Basically like, ‘I want to kill myself’ and go from there. Going into such a dark place that you can somehow surprisingly find the light at the end of the tunnel—but a nice end of the tunnel. Not the end of the tunnel… ‘I hang from a cherry tree… I hang.'” That’s just great, Keanu…that’s great.

Apparently the book won’t just be for people who want Keanu to guide them through the happy end of the sad tunnel. “I’m gonna get deep into haiku, because often times people construe that in English it’s five-seven-five syllables, but that doesn’t have to hold true, so I want to play with the traditional Basho form. I like that: Haikus of Hope.” Whatever keeps you awake between takes, dude.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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