Paris Hilton And Cy Waits Hit “Rough Patch” Over Reality Show?


Sources tell Page Six that Paris Hilton and Cy Waits are going through some relationship difficulties following the debut (and failure) of The World According To Paris. “He finds it hard to be in the spotlight and [deal with] the attention and stress on the relationship that comes with it,” said one, though it’s hard to understand how he started dating Paris if the “spotlight” if a problem for him. “They are done,” said another. “She doesn’t want anyone to hold her back.” Hey, maybe she can find an actual celebrity to impress us with! We might watch her show if she got one of those.

Cy denied the drama (“We’re great. I love her more than ever”), while admitting he doesn’t like to attention her show is giving their relationship. There’s some good news, though: if ratings remain weak, this undue attention to their love life may take care of itself.

[Photo: Getty Images]
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