OMG, These Ventriloquist Dummies Are All Awful[ly Amazing]


Well, we found it: the creepiest ventriloquist dummies on YouTube exist on a channel called Cringevenom, a bountiful resource for terrifying things that somehow made it onto television (albeit, mostly on cable access).

Let’s get real: ventriloquist dummies are, to begin with, the stuff nightmares are made of. But add a person or too much latex or eyes that move, and you’ve got yourself reason to run, hide, and never, ever again allow yourself to bear witness to such otherworldly nonsense.

Most weird about all these videos? They are meant for CHILDREN! Real, human children! If you are a parent, and you think this isn’t going to scar your child for the rest of his life, we need to send you to Dummy Jail immediately! This isn’t good for anybody!

[via MUG]

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