Adult Baby Impersonators And Drunk Dudes Run Amok In This Week’s Gabe & Max Like The Internet


Today, Friday, June 16, 2011, has been a dark day for the Internet. Why? Well, it’s the first Friday since February 11th in which we have not been able to delight in Rebecca Black’s “Friday” on YouTube (thanks to a financial dispute between Black and her record label, Ark Entertainment).

Thankfully, our buddies Gabe Delahaye (Mr. Videogum!) and Max Silvestri (who spent the week on tour with old BWE pal, Aziz Ansari) have stepped up to the challenge to try and breathe some life into the series of tubes that we all recognize as the Information Superhighway. In this week’s episode of Gabe & Max Like The Internet, our fearless leaders guide us through five videos that will make you confess your love for cats, cry like a baby rocketing down the street in a motorized stroller, chase balloons through a trash-strewn room, and then get you so drunk that you can’t even make it down a flight of stairs. Don’t believe us? Watch the video and prove us wrong.

Girl Loves Cats [YouTube]
Baby Impression [Izismile]
R.C. Stroller [YouTube]
Drunk Guy On Subway Stairs [YouTube]
Balloon Dog [YouTube]

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