Christina Hendricks Is So Hot, She’s On Fire! Literally!


Oh, we wish we wouldn’t get corny about this, but it’s so easy! And no one was hurt, so it isn’t in poor taste. Gorgeous Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks‘ coat caught fire at a Tony Awards after party in the swank Empire Suite at The Carlyle hotel. ¬†She wandered a little too close to a candle without realizing it and before long, her trench coat started smoking and then caught fire! We’re going to behave ourselves and not use puns that include “flame-haired” or “smoking hot”, for your benefit.

Luckily, Ms Chrissie put out the flames, without getting hurt. The coat was curtains, though. It ended up being tossed away because it was left with a big scorched hole! All jokes aside, we’re really happy she’s okay and wasn’t burned ’cause this could’ve been nasty.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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