Company Sells Scraps Of Michael Jackson’s Clothes As Trading Cards


Looks like Joe Jackson isn’t the only person hoping to make some money off of MJ. As if America didn’t have dozens of songs, music videos, TV appearances and ill-advised red leather jackets to remember him by, now Michael Jackson’s clothing will be sold in pieces as part of a new trading card series from Panini America, a memorabilia company that is apparently as bad as coming up with collectibles as they are with coming up with sensible company names.

According to their site, the clothes “were worn by the King of Pop himself from 1971 through 1974 during many memorable performances, including The Flip Wilson Show, American Bandstand, Soul Train, and televised specials anchored by such luminaries as Bob Hope and Diana Ross.” Using words that we ourselves would have used, except to make fun of them, two years ago the company “purchased the history-soaked pieces of sartorial splendor at auction two years ago — and cut them up.” In case you for some reason want to own 1/30 of a polyester suit coat MJ wore for 15 minutes in 1973, the Official Michael Jackson Trading Card Set will be available at Target next week. As to who you would possibly trade these cards with, that’s between you and the other fanatical collectors.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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