I’M LOVIN’ SH*T: Japanese Scientists Turn Poop Into Burgers


Here’s a report about scientists in Japan who’ve managed to successfully convert protein-rich sewage mud into edible meat. Or in layman’s terms, they’ve turned human sh*t into sh*tburgers:

The video is actually remarkably logical — I don’t know what I was expecting, dudes in businessclown outfits punking each other with diarrhea-filled seltzer bottles? — and I almost would’ve come away with my preconceptions completely reversed if it weren’t for the accented narrator saying “turd burger”. I don’t think any of us saw that coming.

If Japan does move forward with the poo-processing, the advertising campaign writes itself:

Also, just for the record, my friend Bob once won a bet with his friend where the punishment was having to take a bite out of a “literal sh*t sandwich,” and that kid went through with it. NOW who’s stupid? Still that kid. I forget his name. Sh*tto Something? Probably.

(via Film Drunk)

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