Rumors That Penn Badgley Will Play Jeff Buckley Are False, Producer Says


Whether you think it’s great news (all those R. Pattz fans out there, heeeeey!) or bad news (Penn Badgley), it looks like those Penn Badgley Jeff Buckley casting rumors are not true. “Penn is not involved in the film at all,” the movie’s co-producer Orian Williams told the LA Times. “It’s crazy how these stories get out.” Aw, now we have to imagine how excited Penn must have been to get a role he never even tried out for. Those big eyes shining with tears. Just heartbreaking.

As for the other front runner Robert Pattinson, Jeff Buckley‘s life story isn’t his just yet. According to Williams, the movie will likely select an unknown actor, unburdened with the weight of all that vampiric and/or Upper West Side baggage. Said Williams,”[The producers] are all very unified in our search to find the perfect person to play Jeff.” Wow, and to think there’s a pale, handsome, angsty unknown actor that Hollywood hasn’t made famous already. It…it just doesn’t seem fathomable.

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