Tom Cruise’s First Rock Of Ages Photo Very Promising, Torso-Centric


Action Torso, Engage! We’ve already heartily supported the acid-neon, plastic-bangled-and-Spandex ’80s look depicted by Julianne Hough and Alec Baldwin during filming, but the first official photos of Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages looks like hot liquid cheese of the first order. We’re caught in between piting Cruise’s personal abdomen waxer, and realizing no man will every seethe with enough scalding masculinity to satisfy us, now that our eyes have beheld The Truth.

In addition to Cruise’s wild stallion pic, Rock of Ages director Adam Shankman tweeted this week, “Surreal but true: def leppard just visited set of #rockofagesmovie, and T Cruise as Stacee and Arsenal performed Pour Some Sugar On Me, and they gave a standing ovation!” With a character name like Stacee Jaxx, it has to be good. Or terrible. Either really good or really terrible with no in-between whatsoever.

[Photo: MovieLine]

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