EMERGENCY SATURDAY POST: Introducing El Willy, The Tiniest Flamenco Dancing Dog


Just when I thought the world had already discovered every dog with an innate sense of rhythm, the internet comes back with a tiny dancing chihuahua to put my deepest fears at ease.

Yes. This tiny guy known as “El Willy” (which is Spanish for “The William”) can do the Flamenco with startling accuracy. Sadly, Willy’s owner didn’t have the horse sense to fashion a little sexy Flamenco outfit for his pup — unlike Carrie, our favorite Flamenco dancing dog of all time — but William’s brilliant timing and hip swaying are enough to make us forget this oversight.


And because it’s Saturday, and I’ve spent the last hour watching dogs dance on Youtube, why not another dog dance bonus vid?? Click ahead and save yourself the 25 cents the people who captured this guy on video were so kind to have spent.

No, really, watch. It’s :22 seconds long, don’t be like that.

(via HuffPo) (photo via Rolph & Floyd)

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