Hunger Games Book Club Week 4: The 5 Biggest WTF Moments From Inside The Arena


We’re back with an all new installment  for Book Club. This week we are covering the first few days inside the Hunger Games arena (Chapters 12-13), and all the “holy s**t!” things that go down. Let the recap begin.

1. Peeta and the Careers! No, it’s not a name of a new Hunger Games cover band (but seriously though — let’s make that happen). Peeta has teamed up with the clique of career tributes and seems to be revealing himself as a scam artist. Not only does his alliance betray Katniss’ opinion of him, it goes against what is kosher in District 12, too. “No one from District 12 would think of doing such a thing…And Peeta has the gall to talk to me about disgrace?” (Page 161-162) Oh, why does the boy with the bread have to be so complicated? (Asked in our best Avril Lavigne voice.)

2. Katniss is now playing for the audience. We didn’t think this was Katniss’ style, but maybe it’s a savvy move. In Chapter 12 she starts blatantly performing: “I need to look one step ahead of the game.” (Page 164) The formerly camera-shy girl even shows of in an attempt to get sponsors (Page 164: “I’m glad for the cameras now. I want sponsors to see I can hunt…”), and begins using the attention to her advantage. She’s surviving, like she always has, but does it go against your original perception of Katniss? Hm…maybe that’s the whole point?

3. The Hunger Games are making me thirsty! Bonus points if you caught our Seinfeld reference there. Katniss’ water hunt was pure torture to read – we can only imagine how it felt for her. Was Haymitch teaching her a cruel lesson or was Katniss unwise in skipping his advice at the start of The Games?

4. The audience is always in control. The man-made fire is a prime reminder that no matter what the players do they are always pawns in the Capitol’s game.”The audience in the Capitol will be getting bored, claiming that these games are verging on dullness. This is the one thing the Games must not do.” (Page 173) Can the winner ever really win if they’re always at the Capitol’s whim?

5. RUE. Finally. Best tree surprise we’ve ever seen. We don’t know why she’s more interested in saving Katniss than killing her, but we love her all the more for it.

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