What’s Blue And Hairy And Performs At Awards Shows?


The answer isn’t that surprising. It’s a blue, hirsute Lady Gaga at the MuchMusic Video Awards that were held in Toronto last night. There was a fair amount of celebrity action there, but Gaga as always grabbed the spotlight with her ‘interesting’ take on fashion. For a grand finale performance of “Born This Way,” the singer decided to accessorize her long aqua colored wig with blue fluffs of paste-on armpit hair and — the proof is in the pictures — pubic hair. Do keep this away from your bosses because apart from generating a massive WTF!, this could be considered NSFW! She literally had a blue merkin pasted on in the general area of the Brazilian. And that, ladies and gentlemen, answers the age of question of “does the carpet match the drapes”?

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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