The Manzo Boys And Their Cute Gay Roommate Seem Nice (Seriously!)


Although Albie and Chris Manzo are the sons of Real Housewives Of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo, they don’t necessarily seem to have turned into monsters by the presence of reality TV pervading their lives. Even their mom has become the show’s reliably sweet-natured, relaxed, and level-headed voice of reason who, instead of yelling at other women and making desperate pleas for attention, simply plays golf with her beloved husband and opines about empty nest syndrome in a genuine, heartfelt way that is otherwise unseen on reality television.

Caroline’s two boys, Chris and Albie, have moved into an apartment in Hoboken with an adorable gay guy named Greg, who wears a tee shirt that says “Beer Sports Women” while dressing his tiny dog, Deloris Van Carter, in puffy pink jackets. Since the web series, Boys To Manzo, is very sweet — Albie goes to HomeGoods with his mom, Greg warns us to wear our “Hazmat suits” before trapzing into his roomie’s bedroom, Chris makes a stone-faced claim that the trio has engaged in “group orgies, pig slaughtering, anal rituals, devil worship, meth cooking” (LOLOL) — it only makes sense that it’s basically too nice for TV.

Chris, Albie, and Greg are all equally huggable, and the surprisingly normal documentation of their lives seems to prove that these guys haven’t been spoiled by the glare of a camera lens, a refreshing revelation. Plus, the nonchalance of two str8 dudes sharing space with an out-and-proud gay guy quietly speaks volumes, especially considering the constant reminder on The Real Housewives Of New Jersey that Italian men tend to follow strictly archaic rules about masculinity.

Good for these guys! See all the episodes (so far) of Boys To Manzo after the jump.


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