INTERVIEW: David Cook Stops By For A Drank


I’ve met my share of American Idols in my time — Lambert, Kris Allen, Fantasia, Scotty McCreery (albeit from afar at a mall in Atlanta… I count it) — but perhaps no American Idol contestant, and certainly no winner, rivals the poise and facial hair of David Cook.

Yes, David Cook (@thedavidcook), winner of the seventh season of American Idol, swung by our office to chat over my signature fig vodka about all the usual things we cover in’s “Happy Hour”: His new album “This Loud Morning” (which will be released on June 28); singing The Star-Spangled Banner in front of jillions of people; singing on Idol; how he likes to relax; and drinking. While drinking. And yes, we were drinking.

And even more importantly, I even ask David some of the questions y’all sent to me via Twitter… before casually being like “Hey, you should follow me!” And then backing out of the room in slow motion.

Oh, and for the record, yes that is real vodka. I know because I drank the whole thing and then rode the elevator for 15 straight minutes confused.

Here is the interview, split up into two very digestible parts! We’ve also posted some exclusive VH1 photos of David looking his absolute Cookiest ahead. Ummmm they’re amazing and full of dramz. Here’s the interview!


And some fun pics…

Anyone up for some hand beans tonight?? Send me the recipe!! xx

Photos: Zev Schmitz/VH1

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