Michael Bay, Shia LaBeouf Continue To Trash Talk Megan Fox


We guess if we ripped on our boss in public, we couldn’t really expect him not to bad-mouth us right back. We just might not expect our entire office to pile on. As Transformers star Shia LaBeouf tells GQ about Megan Fox’s Hitler comments, “Criticism is one thing. Then there’s public name-calling, which turns into high school bashing. Which you can’t do. She started s—-talking our captain.” Of course, Cap’n Michael Bay fired Megan Fox after she used the particularly insulting dictator analogy, which you think would be enough pay back. Apparently not. “I wasn’t hurt, because I know that’s just Megan. Megan loves to get a response,” Bay says. “And she does it in kind of the wrong way. I’m sorry, Megan. I’m sorry I made you work twelve hours. I’m sorry that I’m making you show up on time. Movies are not always warm and fuzzy.” Ah yes, but what does the entire lighting crew think about Megan’s crappy attitude? Craft services? The wig master? WHAT OF THE WIG MASTER?

Even screenwriter Ehren Kruger got in on the action, alleging “She was there for rehearsals. But she seemed like an actress who didn’t want to be a part of it. She was saying she wanted to, but she wasn’t acting like it.” While Bay readily admits he loves Fox’s replacement Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and has deleted Megan’s number from his phone, he concedes, “When you’re days and months on a set, it’s like a family. You say rude things and you make up.” Just as soon as the guy who hoses down the robots gets to take his jab at you.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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