Penn Badgley Is Jeff Buckley, Only In The Other Movie!


This has been SO confusing! Penn Badgely might be Jeff Buckley. Penn Badgley is not Jeff Buckley. Now, as it turns out, Penn Badgley is Jeff Buckley in another film! When Hollywood jumps on a bandwagon you’d better believe multiple films will be the result. To clear this whole will he-won’t he biznezz, there are two Jeff Buckley films in the offing. The one Penn will star in is called Greetings from Tim Buckley, and will be directed by Dan Algrant.

This movie will explore the relationship between Jeff and his father — both musicians — and Penn has revealed, “To play a man who was singularly gifted as an artist, greatly misunderstood & mythologized as a human being… It’s something very special and sacred. I’m going to give all I can to this project.” To further cement the casting news, Smuggler Films announced, “Smuggler Films announced today Penn Badgley will star in the much anticipated film Greetings from Tim Buckley. He will play Tim Buckley’s son Jeff in the first film to be made about the musicians…”

Where all the confusion arose from is the other Jeff Buckley film, to be directed by Jake Scott and produced by the late singer’s mother. That one hasn’t even started the casting process as yet. Cool? But you do realize that this is good news, right? If there are two Buckley biopics, means that Robert Pattinson still has a shot at a lead role!

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