Raven Symone On A Segway, Part II


There’s an unfortunate narrative in American culture that rewards famous women for losing weight. It’s a very strange and extremely unhealthy fad, especially for young girls to witness tabloid editors cream their pants any time someone like Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Osbourne, orĀ Marie Osmond drops pounds. Suddenly, these women are framed as smarter, prettier, and generally more valuable as human beings, evidenced most dramatically by the idea that, as soon as Nicole Richie went on The Tea And Air Diet morphed into a skeleton draped in flesh, all the footage of her farting into booze on The Simple Life, like, disappeared, and she became really nice or something???

With that said, we do think that Raven Symone has been looking great lately. Instead of being called “healthy” and “curvy” by Life & Style, she will now be described as “happier than ever.” Anyway, we think that, above all else, this is a prime opportunity to do a Before & After photo comparison of her the only way we know how: ON A SEGWAY.




OUR LITTLE GIRL IS ALL GROWN UP! Keep on truckin’ scootin’, girl!


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