Justin Theroux & Jennifer Aniston Caught Snuggling By Terry Richardson


The “Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are dating” train just picked up another big load of evidence, courtesy of Terry Richardson’s Tumblr. The photographer posted a shot of the rumored couple snuggling happily during dinner in Soho, and another of him joining the pair. While the pair have yet to confirm the relationship, withTheroux’s ex Heidi Bivens admitted she split up with Justin after the rumors began, it seems unlikely these two would be hitting the scene quite so often if they weren’t a romantic unit.

Even if Justifer (that’ll do, right? Justifer?) sticks to the sidelines, only appearing in candids with Jason Sudeikis and Richardson and whatnot, they’ll be forced—forced!—to hit the red carpet together when their film Wanderlust (also starring Paul Rudd and Malin Akerman) hits theaters in October. At which point magazines can start posting pictures of Theroux and Brad Pitt with headlines like “IS HE JEALOUS?” if they haven’t started already. And if Theroux and Aniston split before the fall, even better! Awkward red carpets are the best red carpets.

[Photo: Terry Richardson’s Diary]

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