Well, Hello There, Joe Manganiello! You’re Abs-Fab!


So we were having a bit of a mid-week slump today. Nothing too serious, but we were a willful second away from digging into the freezer for some fig and walnut ice cream. Luckily, it didn’t come to that, because as always, one particular magazine came to our rescue. Oh, GQ! Joe Manganiello and you make the perfect match! This photograph is jaw-dropping. His abs can’t be for real. It’s a good thing we didn’t scarf down the ice cream because it would have been just too ironic staring at that mountain range of a stomach while eating calorie bombs.

Not that the True Blood actor’s face isn’t worth swooning over either. He takes brooding to an art form. And just because life is unfair, he’s funny too. Posing for the magazine’s July issue, Manganiello talked mainly about his role on the show, specifically being half-naked. He said, “Once they yell action, you’re a werewolf and you’re not thinking about it. But before, there’s a boom guy crouched behind you at ass level.” That’s a job we could get “behind”.

[Photo via GQ]

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