OPEN THREAD: Can We Finally Agree That Chris Brown Is Terrible?


When you’re a famous person, you’ve basically signed on the dotted line, trading privacy for money, sex appeal, and attention…unless you curb that intimacy by avoiding Twitter, nightclubs, and the knowledge that every move you make, thing you say, and stupid mistake will be closely documented in the public eye because that’s what happens when you choose to seek out fame.

Once upon a time, singer/rapper/actor Chris Brown decimated his girlfriend’s face. It took him a very long time to formally apologize for the incident, which, in the end, felt half-hearted. Then he threw a chair out of the window of his dressing room in a densely populated area of New York City, all because Robin Roberts chose to not pretend that the widely-discussed incident in which he destroyed the face of his equally famous girlfriend, Rihanna, didn’t happen.

So yesterday, when Chris Brown almost got a parking ticket (the operative word here being “almost”) (also, will Chris Brown go without food if he has to pay a parking ticket?), he screamed to photographers snapping pictures, “Y’all ni**as is weak. Did you all call [the cops] to try and film me? Y’all ni**as is gay.” As is now customary when a famous person acts like a d*ckwad, he Tweeted his apology (the classy place to respond to entire minorities):

This begs the question: can we all agree that this guy is The Worst?

His mild-mannered apologies for 1) domestic abuse, 2) violence against women, 3) disregard for public property, 4) uncontrolled rage, and 5) nonchalance using both ethnic and gay slurs are pretty much grounds for being a terrible person. Some seem to think he’s “earned” forgiveness (including Chris Brown, who named his last album F.A.M.E., or “Forgiving All My Enemies”), but at what point does a famous figure like Brown deserve to be held accountable for his repulsive actions — all of which are so public that even his youngest fans (many of whom are very, very young) witness a lack of repercussions?

In other words, how many times should Chris Brown be taken to task for being a rageful, stubborn brat before we stop supporting his musical career with the money that likely fuels his warped concept that he is, apparently, an untouchable, godlike entity (a sentiment that, understandably, is shared by people who surround themselves with people who consistently remind them of their colossal importance and relevance) (see Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, and Kim Kardashian)?

[via ONTD]



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